Prof. Dr. med. Ehsan Khaljani, F.E.B.U., MBA

Head of the Digital Health Management
Professor for Digital Health Management

Rüdesheimer Str. 50
14197 Berlin
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Ehsan Khaljani has been Professor and Head of the Digital Health Management program at the Medical School Berlin since October 2020. Previously, he worked as a teacher at IU International University for three years in the fields of health management, hospital management and clinical governance and risk. In addition to his teaching and research activities, he is also actively engaged in the Faculty Council for Health Sciences at MSB.

Professor Khaljani studied human medicine in Hamburg at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf and in Madrid at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (study abroad). At the University of Hamburg, after completing an experimental dissertation titled "On the Mechanism of Hepatomegaly in Iron Overload Diseases. Investigation of Gene Expression in a Rat Model", supervised by Professor Ulrike Beisiegel, he earned the title Doctor medicinae with the grade magna cum laude.

Professor Khaljani began his specialist training in urology at the Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum in Berlin. At the same time, he participated in the founding of the digital health startup AMBOSS, which is the leading knowledge platform for medical professionals in Germany and increasingly also in the English-speaking world.

After completing his German specialist training, Professor Khaljani obtained the European Specialist in Urology (Fellow of the European Board of Urologists) in Brussels and Prague through the European Association of Urology, as well as the title Master of Business Administration (specializing in health management/hospital management) after studying at the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg.

Since then, Professor Khaljani has been involved in the founding of several digital health startups that, for example, use IoT technology to prevent hospital infections or improve the quality of life for male patients as a DiGA.

In addition to his work at MSB and his clinical work as a specialist in urology, Professor Khaljani is also actively engaged as a coach and advisor for digital health startups and is the CEO of URO-Cert e.V. (Association of Urological Competence Centers).


Professor Khaljani teaches the following subjects:

  • Health management
  • Hospital management
  • Clinical governance & risk
  • Medical basics
  • Strategic corporate management
  • Leadership
  • New work & eleadership

Research focus

  • Pattern recognition algorithms in medicine
  • Automation of medical visits and communication
  • Cloud-based data acquisition and analysis
  • Patient-reported outcome measures and their clinical implications
  • eHealth solutions and digital health applications

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