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Digital Health Management (Master of Science)

The Master's program in Digital Health Management at MSB offers a forward-looking, modern, and interdisciplinary master's degree in computer science, medicine, and management.

The digitalization of the healthcare system offers enormous potential for improving patient welfare. Information and communication technologies will play an indispensable role in the future in providing healthcare services. Telemedicine will be widely used, the use of health records and health portals will continue to increase, and mobile offerings will become standard. To shape the digital transformation in the healthcare system, well-trained academics are needed who form a bridge between information technology, medicine, and the management of legal framework conditions. 

The Master's program in Digital Health Management at MSB responds to this development and offers a forward-looking, modern, and interdisciplinary master's degree in computer science, medicine, and management. Technical content is combined with medical and business content. The Master's program is aimed at graduates of business, computer science, and health science bachelor's programs and provides access to one of the most important fields of application in the healthcare system.

Prof. Dr. med. Ehsan Khaljani is Head of the Digital Health Management program.

The Master's program in Digital Health Management is state-recognized and professionally accredited.

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The goal of the Master's program in Digital Health Management at MSB is to train a qualified healthcare professional with in-demand interface knowledge for the integration and networking of medical data. Graduates of Digital Health Management understand and shape the digitalization of both products and services in the healthcare industry. They acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in the field of sensors, computer science, and the statistics of large data sets (“big data”) and are able to create basic software applications (e.g. small apps) themselves and understand, explain, and evaluate more complex digital applications.

Their technical competence is supplemented by knowledge of the economic and legal environment of digitalization in the healthcare sector. Therefore, as a graduate, you are familiar with the essential regulatory framework conditions and the peculiarities of the national healthcare system and European health systems. The medical competencies imparted enable you to understand diseases and know the potential need for patient care and digital improvement.

Study content

Building on a first academic degree with a focus on health or economics, the Master's program further internalizes scientific concepts and critically reflects and evaluates them in the context of various occupational fields. You can also apply the insights to new and unfamiliar situations in business practice and deepen your knowledge and skills independently.

You gradually develop a holistic view of the individual areas of value creation in the healthcare industry. You are able to collect, evaluate, interpret, and integrate relevant information in complex initial situations. You also develop communication skills to be able to exchange with experts in the scientific community as well as with professional practitioners. 

The Master's program in Digital Health Management is determined overall by four competence fields, which you will find presented in detail in the module overview:

  • General subject competence
  • Specific subject competence
  • Occupation-related action competence
  • Methods and social competence

In the practical and theoretical modules, aspiring Digital Health Managers are comprehensively prepared for the various fields of activity in the digitalization of the healthcare system. In the area of general subject competence, special, building economic competencies are conveyed.

In the context of specific subject competencies, topics are treated in depth in the context of the healthcare industry and with a view to industry-specific actions.

In the competence field of occupation-related action competence, you can apply your knowledge to a variety of occupational fields to novel and unusual questions of a company and master the concepts and tools necessary for this.

Within the competence field of methods and social competence, you acquire a wide range of transdisciplinary key qualifications in the Master's program that are required for specialists and managers in companies of all types.


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You need the following prerequisites for the Master's program in Digital Health Management (Master of Science):

  • relevant university degree qualifying for a profession according to § 10 BerlHG

  • completed Bachelor's degree in computer science, business administration, or health science

  • For foreign study applicants, proof of education according to § 11 BerlHG

After your application, we will check your personal motivation in an individual admission interview. Convince us and show your strengths and talents.


What career prospects are open to you after the Master's program in Digital Health Management at MSB?

The federal government wants to embark on a digitalization offensive - and the Berlin metropolitan area is to be strengthened in particular. The plan is to develop the capital region into a model region for digitalization in the healthcare sector. From 2020, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to test the use of selected digital applications, such as health apps, in practice in Berlin and the surrounding area - before they are rolled out across Germany. Spahn: "Germany can become a driver of innovation in digital health. We just have to dare to." The model project "Future Region Digital Health" is to have a central anchorage in Berlin/Brandenburg.

Digital health managers can mediate at the interface of product and healthcare system and help digital applications gain market access. Possible areas of application and fields of work include:

  • Medical technology companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Software companies (app developers)
  • Statutory health insurance and private health insurance companies
  • Hospitals, outpatient healthcare facilities and nursing homes
  • Public/state institutions (authorities, associations)

Questions to Prof. Dr. med. Ehsan Khaljani (video language is German)

Student Opinions

Picture of Daniel Koch
Daniel Koch
B.Sc. Physiotherapy

With the urge to develop myself further, I was looking for an innovative and futureoriented study program. With the master‘s program in Digital Health Management, I have found an opportunity to help shape the healthcare system in the future.


Picture of Anne Holtz

Anne Holtz
B.Sc. Economic Sinology

With a couple of years of work experience, I wanted to take my next career step and was looking for a Master of Science that I could complete while working. The organization in study blocks allows me to balance my studies, job and family.


Picture of Qiuhua Yang
Qiuhua Yang
B.Sc. Medicine

Digitalization is the future of all industries, not just healthcare. When I decided that I wanted to work as a digital health manager between Germany and China in the future, I chose this master‘s program.

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Start of Studies
October 1
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- Early application is recommended to secure admission

Study Models/Duration
Full-time: 4 semesters
Special modality:

  • Presence at university only during 5 weekends per semester (Thursdays till Mondays, 9 hours each)
  • Concurrent employment possible

Tuition Fees
Full-time: 625 euros/month
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Master of Science

Areas of employment

  • Medical technology companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Software companies (app developers)
  • Statutory health insurance and private health insurance companies
  • Hospitals, outpatient health facilities, and nursing facilities
  • Public/state institutions (authorities, associations)

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