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Psychology with a Focus on Forensic Psychology (Master of Science)

Faculty of Natural Sciences (University)

The Master degree in Psychology with a Focus on Forensic Psychology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of MSB Medical School Berlin offers Bachelor and Master graduates the opportunity to acquire extended competence in a field of psychology. The contents of the Master's program in Forensic Psychology complement each other perfectly in professional practice with the Master's program in Psychology with a Focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, while also representing an independent course of study for the advancement of professional expertise in the field of Forensic Psychology.

  • Overview
  • Content and Structure
  • Module Overview
  • Admission
  • Career Prospects


Dual Master's Degree

The Master's program in Psychology at the MSB is conceived so that graduates of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy can obtain a further Master's degree in Psychology with a Focus on Forensic Psychology (M.Sc.) in only one additional year. The content of the Master's program builds on professional and inter-professional expertise, so that this study content can be accredited in the subsequent Master's in Forensic Psychology. In two semesters, students will acquire the technical skills of the additional Master's program and have the chance to demonstrate and prove their expertise in the final Master's thesis.

Studying full-time

The full-time course comprises three years of study, which are divided into four semesters. During the lecture period, courses and seminars generally take 24 weekly hours. As a rule, each semester consists of five months' lecture time and one month of lecture-free/examination time. The tuition fees currently amount to 650 Euros per month and cover all services required for a successful completion of study (courses/seminars, examinations, material-spatial necessities, supervision, administrative processes). Not included are costs of accommodation, travel (semester ticket) and additional costs in connection with internships, excursions, etc.

Content and Structure

The MSB's Master's program in Forensic Psychology aims to qualify students in the field of forensic psychology. Forensic Psychology is the generic term for both forensic and criminal psychology. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding interdisciplinary cooperation with other professional groups.

Reasons for implementing the Master's program in Forensic Psychology at the MSB Medical School Berlin are the growing needs in all areas where psychology and the law collide. On the one hand, it concerns the scientific processing of issues revolving around origin, maintenance, detection and punishment, as well as the prevention of delinquent behavior. On the other, specialized training has been created for forensic psychologists wishing to work in the prison and correctional systems (forensic clinics for offenders with mental disorders, penal institutions), the police, in outpatient clinics and counselling centers for offenders or victims, or in criminological research institutions. Students are further trained theoretically and with an intensive practical relevance in methods of psychological assessment.

With the Master of Science degree, forensic psychology students prove that they can meet the requirements of a practical field of application on the basis of scientific findings. Students are professionally qualified through the transfer of professional and methodological expertise. Thus, they have a broad spectrum of examination and research methods at their disposal and are familiar with the psychological diagnostics required in the context of forensic psychology. Their general and methodological knowledge specifically related to matters of forensic psychology makes them especially qualified for work in research institutions.

The Master's program in Forensic Psychology, with its 17 modules and a total of 120 credits, offers a specialized range of theoretical and practical teaching content. As such, students acquire professional and cross-professional skills, specific technical knowledge, comprehensive management foundations and methodological and scientific expertise for interdisciplinary fields of work. The study course at MSB Medical School Berlin is internationally geared and integrates an inter-/multidisciplinary network, as well as a cooperative network with the respective practice fields. This corresponds to MSB's innovative approach to learning and working in interdisciplinary teams and, at the same time, implementing practical projects together.

Module Overview

Module Overview in german


Admission to the study course

Studying at the MSB Medical School Berlin is NC-free. For us, performance, talent, motivation and discipline count more than the average grade on a diploma or graduation certificate.

To be accepted into our Master’s program in Forensic Psychology, you must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Eligibility to study in accordance with  § 10 BerlHG (General Study Permit)
  • Successful completion of a bachelor's degree in psychology (usually an average grade of at least 2.5), which corresponds adequately to the curriculum of the bachelor's degree course in psychology at MSB’s Faculty of Natural Sciences

Your Application 

Please submit the following documentation per post or online:

  • Form and timely application with CV and 2 current passport-sized photos (add your name on backside)
  • Copy of personal identity card (front and back), identity card or passport for international students
  • Fully completed and signed application for approval or authorization
  • Proof of activities to date
  • Proof of first university degree
  • Study book or graduation certificate, if you have studied at other universities

    Upon receipt of your application, we will check your personal motivation in an individual interview. This is your chance to convince us of your strengths and talents!

    Career Prospects

    What are the career prospects after obtaining a Master Degree in Forensic Psychology at the MSB Medical School Berlin?

    In addition to the professional qualification, the Master's degree in Forensic Psychology offers the opportunity of continued training as a specialist psychologist for forensic psychology and making extensive use of the knowledge acquired in the Master's program. In accordance with the current training regulations for professional psychologists in forensic psychology (BDP/DGPs), up to 50% of the content taught in university psychology courses can be accredited in the further theoretical training required.

    Professional fields of work for graduates:

    From recent demographic trends, we anticipate an increased demand on qualified staff in the following areas of work:

    • In the penal and disciplinary system
    • In outpatient criminal treatment facilities
    • in juvenile justice assistance
    • in forensic psychological practices and institutes
    • in judicial institutions, e.g. judicial authorities
    • In counselling centers for crime victims
    • In police service
    • In academic institutions
    • In clinics with forensic departments
    • In criminological research institutes

    Areas of application:

    • Penal and corrective justice
    • Outpatient criminal treatment
    • Juvenile justice or court assistance
    • Private practices and institutes
    • Judicial institutions
    • Information centers
    • Police service
    • Clinics
    • Research institutes



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